This $49 Quadcopter Flips, Dips, And Floats


Why spend a few hundred on a Parrot AR.Drone when you can pop over to Brando and pick up a $ 49 quadcopter that fits in the palm of your hand and does flips.

The Quadcopter uses “New Design Technology” to be “The Most Stable (like the real?) Floating in the AIR.” I’ll let Brando’s breathless authors take it from here:

The Special Design of the One Press Button, which can make the UFO to Somersault in the Air. This RC UFO is powered by a Small piece Battery that is fueled with the USB External Dual Charging Box; therefore, UFO can Fly Never Stop with this Unlimited Power Supply!

Plus you get all that eversion!

Product Page via BoingBoing

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