The Weather Channel iPad App Tops 10 Million Downloads


We’ve followed The Weather Channel through its transition into the digital era.

It started with a beautiful iPad app, and then the company revamped its iPhone app and website to match the new look and feel. And boy were there features! Social elements, notifications when it will rain, and personalized weather were all in the forecast.

And today, the iPad app that started it all has surpassed 10 million downloads. Much of this is due to Hurricane Isaac, which swept the Gulf Coast this week.

The company reports that the strongest four-day period the app has ever seen started August 26, and TWC saw the most downloads ever (both iPhone and iPad) on August 26.

The Weather Channel has been making a big push of late, hoping to be the world’s go-to destination for weather information, whether they’re visiting on the web, TV, phone, or tablet. The Weather Channel app remains the second most downloaded app on the iPad, according to Apple, and is second only to Apple’s own iBooks.

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