The $10 Raspberry Pi Zero W is the teeniest little Wi-Fi-enabled computer you’ve ever seen

img_3020 When the original $ 5 Raspberry Pi Zero came out – to much fanfare, I might add – users connected it to all sorts of things. They made micro gaming rigs that ran on the 1GHz single-core CPU and added Pi Hats – little breakout boards – to power robots and sensors. Now you can do all that but without worrying about a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth dongle. The $ 10 Pi Zero W is the… Read More

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Nintendo Shows Off Star Fox Zero For Wii U With GamePad Aiming

starfox-compressor Nintendo kicked off its special ‘Digital Event’ at E3 2015 with a trailer for Star Fox Zero, the upcoming sci-fi fighter game based on Nintendo’s much-loved dogfighting title. The original Star Fox premiered on the Super Nintendo back in 1993, and its signature characters have appeared in sequels and in other games like Super Smash Brothers ever since. Star Fox Zero is the… Read More

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