Verizon buys Skyward, a drone operations company

Treasury Wine Estates' staff operating drones at a vineyard. Forget about Yahoo for a minute. Verizon just announced it has acquired Skyward, a drone operations and management company based out of Portland, Oregon for an undisclosed amount. Verizon says Skyward will help developers and businesses better create and manage drones that also happen to utilize Verizon’s mobile network services and infrastructure. TechCrunch is a property of Aol, a… Read More

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Verizon Kills Off Subsidies And Contracts, Simplifies Data Plans

Verizon Verizon announced a brand new line-up of monthly plans for new customers. Following T-Mobile’s model, plans are now a bit cheaper and easier to understand. But you should expect to pay more for your phone as Verizon (TechCrunch’s parent parent company) will sell you unsubsidized phones. Read More

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This Week On The TechCrunch Gadgets Podcast: Verizon On The Horizon

gadgets150515 Can you hear me now? Hopefully you can after a month of silence out of the TC Gadgets Podcast team. But freshly acquired by Verizon, we’re back and ready to chat. The deal, which is still subject to regulatory approval, is valued at $ 4.4 billion. I don’t want to ruin the surprise of the podcast, so I’ll just ask you to direct your attention to the player below. Check out… Read More

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Activate Your Red Zones: Verizon Has A Football Leather Moto X

VZWnews_2014-Nov-07 Just like the song says: Are you ready for several foot falls? Verizon’s ready, ready to snap your halfback some yards after carry with its new, exclusive Moto X with a football leather back. You heard right, Bob Dikta freaks and Peyton Randolph fans – the same material used to coat everyone’s favourite roughly ball-shaped professional athletics thing is now on phones!… Read More

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Verizon Announces The Motorola Droid Turbo With Battery Super Powers

droid-48hour Today Motorola and Verizon are announcing the Droid Turbo, a new Droid-branded smartphone with a focus on super fast charging capabilities. Verizon claims the phone can get eight hours of battery life in 15 just minutes by using a special turbo charger sold with the phone. And beyond that, a fully charged Droid Turbo promises 48 hours of battery life. Obviously, this is going to differ based… Read More

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