Google-funded ‘super sensor’ project brings IoT powers to dumb appliances

 Researchers at CMU’s Future Interfaces Group reckon they’ve come up with a quicker, less expensive and less cumbersome way to create a smart home. And one that might have some privacy benefits too. Just plug in their single ‘super sensor’ and play… Read More

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Super Mario Run’s Android release date is March 23

 Super Mario Run is officially making its way to Android, as Nintendo promised what seems like so long ago. The company has now revealed an exact date for Mario’s Android debut: March 23. That’s this Thursday, in case you’re bad at math or don’t have a calendar handy, and it means iOS users had over three months of exclusive access to the game. Since that’s a… Read More
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Apple’s iPhone 7 will be super limited in stores and all jet black and Plus models are sold out

img_2129 Apple has issued a statement tonight that is essentially setting expectations for those who hoped they’d be able to walk into an Apple store on Friday and pick themselves up an iPhone. The statement makes it clear that all iPhones will be in short supply for walk-in customers without a reservation. The statement also indicates that Apple’s jet black iPhones and all iPhone 7 plus… Read More

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Walker & Company Introduces The Super Sleek Bevel Trimmer

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 8.50.11 PM Hot off of raising a $ 24M Series B round and inking a deal with Target for its Bevel brand, Walker & Company Brands has launched a brand new product — Bevel Trimmer. The company calls it “the most advanced device for trimming and shaping coarse or curly hair” and comes with a fresh new partnership with rapper Nas.
While Walker & Company might not be your typical… Read More

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