The Nixie Machine II is a mean-looking clock for serious geeks

 Nixie (“Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1”) tubes were displays used for digital readouts before the advent of the LED. Popular with James Bond villains who wanted to rule the world yet whose bomb timers stopped at exactly 007 when Bond figured out what wire to cut (and with scientists), the tubes once graced the highest of the high tech circa 1950. Now, however, they’re… Read More

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Arduino unleashes a serious Internet of Things system for hardware hackers

a4ea4d26c51eb5897fb42fbb5a9108dc_original Back in the old days hardware manufacturers felt safe in the knowledge that no mere hardware hacker could attempt to recreate their inventions. From Sony to Philips to LG to Samsung, the consumer electronics industry was locked up and no one could crack the case. Until those meddling Arduino kids came along… Now anyone can make cool hardware and, thanks to Arduino, it is easier than ever… Read More

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Securifi Adds Serious Home Automation To Its Almond Routers

Almond+ and Almond-2015 Own an Almond router? It’s about to get a dose of home automation thanks to new firmware from Securifi. The company behind the clever (and attractive) routers just announced a new set of features that will better position its product in the marketplace. These home automation features are a natural fit for Almond routers since Securifi designed the router to be showcased in a home rather… Read More

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