Clothing maker Scott Jordan talks about the future of fashion

screen-shot-2017-01-16-at-12-19-53-pm Scott Jordan never meant to make clothes. He was a lawyer by trade and wanted something he could wear to keep his Walkman from snagging on doorknobs. A few iterations later he invented the SCOTTeVEST, a vest with loads of pockets and secret channels for headphones and other cables. Now, after more than a decade in the business, he believes that while our clothing might seem more high-tech,… Read More

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Juno lead Scott Bolton talks up the tech of NASA’s Jupiter orbiter

bolton_grab The Juno probe has just made its long-awaited rendezvous with Jupiter, kicking off 20 months of unprecedented planetary science. We cornered the mission’s principal investigator, Scott Bolton, during a briefing at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory — and he was more than happy to talk about all the cool new gadgets packed into the craft. Read More

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Pinterest Hires Former Facebooker Scott Goodson As Head Of Core Experience

pinterest scott goodson Former Facebook and Apple engineer Scott Goodson is joining Pinterest to run the company’s mobile platform and web teams, focusing on improving the app’s performance across various devices. Hires like this, of course, bring fresh blood and ideas to a growing startup like Pinterest that is rapidly becoming a powerful home for commerce and search. But most applications like… Read More

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