DJI’s folding drone leaks as press invites to September event roll out

dji-mavic-leak-980x420 DJI’s next drone looks like it will probably be the foldable DJI Mavic, according to new image leaks that build on a previous trademark application DJI filed for the product name. The leaked photos diverge from DJI’s existing photographic drones by employing a folding farm design, which should allow it to become nicely portable, especially when compared to its current fixed-arm… Read More

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Roll your own business cards with this 3D-printed embosser

five-emobsser While we all know the best business cards are printed on bone paper with lettering in Silian Rail, the second best business cards are the ones you roll yourself right in front of your intended recipient. This wild 3D printed card roller lets you do just that. Built by maker Paul Myers, the embosser rolls paper between two 3D-printed tubes to press a design onto the card. You can take a look… Read More

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SwagBot will autonomously roll them little dogies along rough Australian ranchlands

swagbot_feat Is nothing sacred? The rugged trails that over history have been trod by cowboys, gauchos, ranch hands, and in Australia, swagmen, are now to be presided over by cold, calculating machines. SwagBot is the vanguard of our incoming steer-driving overlords, its independent all-wheel drive churning carelessly the mud in which once toiled our manly forbears and their snorting charges. Read More

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The UE Roll 2 speakers bring rugged Bluetooth audio poolside

UE Roll 2 The UE Roll 2 is fun. How do I know it’s fun? Look at all of the press images on the side of the box. It’s gone skiing, bike riding, mountain climbing and rolling around in the mud with a bunch of attractive product models. Even more telling, the product ships with its very own miniature inner tube, which is a pretty fun thing to do. Also inside the box is a bright yellow USB cable… Read More

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Samsung Could Roll Back Its Own Software And Embrace Microsoft For Galaxy S6

galaxy teaser We’ve already heard reports that Samsung could be pumping the breaks on TouchWiz with its next flagship, but a new report from the generally accurate SamMobile today says that it will also be removing most of its in-house pre-loaded software from the Galaxy S6, and instead offering a host of Microsoft’s smartphone apps pre-installed. If true, this is one of the surest signs yet… Read More

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