Super Mario Run’s Android release date is March 23

 Super Mario Run is officially making its way to Android, as Nintendo promised what seems like so long ago. The company has now revealed an exact date for Mario’s Android debut: March 23. That’s this Thursday, in case you’re bad at math or don’t have a calendar handy, and it means iOS users had over three months of exclusive access to the game. Since that’s a… Read More
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Romain Jerome Creates A Watch For True Mario Fans

Romain-Jerome-Super-Mario-Bros-watch Do you like Nintendo? Do you have $ 19,000? I think we found you a watch. The Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros. the watchmaker’s take on good old Mario and his mushroom-induced adventures and is aimed at collectors who aren’t afraid to drop twenty grand on nostalgia. The watch is RJ’s third arcade-themed piece and joins his Pac Man watch as well as his Space Invaders piece.… Read More

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Super Mario Maker Will Let You Build Your Own Mario Levels This September

mario-maker Nintendo is letting players take control of its Mario platform game building tools with Super Mario Maker, and now we know when it’ll be available: September 11, 2015. The “game” allows people to create their own levels in either Super Mario Bros 8-bit graphics, or more modern 3D style (albeit with the same mechanics underneath), and then play them instantly. During their… Read More

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Nintendo’s Mario Amiibo Gets The Silver Treatment

silver-mario-amiibo Nintendo knows a money-maker when it sees one, and its Amiibo interactive toys are just that. The figurines are getting special editions based on their early success, and the Silver Edition variant is the first-such collector-focused cash-in. The Mario – Silver Edition Amiibo is a bit reminiscent of Metal Mario, but this is a plastic figure similar to the existing versions, albeit with… Read More

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