Google+ Mobile Apps Now Support Pages, iOS App Gets iPhone 5 Support And Finally Lets You Edit Your Posts


Google just launched the latest version of its Google+ apps for Android and iOS. The most important new feature in this update is support for Google+ pages. Page owners can now view, post and comment from their mobile devices, something quite a few Google+ users have been asking for ever since Google first launched pages last November.

Google says the ability to manage pages was one of its “most highly-requested features” for the Google+ mobile apps.

The Android and iOS apps are getting a number of other new features as well. For the iOS version, this mostly means catching up with the Android app. The iOS app, for example, now finally lets you edit your posts after you have published them. In addition, you can now save photos to your camera roll, and the updated app now supports the iPhone5′s larger screen.

One new feature that’s specifically for iPad users is the ability to search for people and posts from inside the app (the iPhone app already offered this capability before).

The Android version didn’t get quite as many updates. It now offers a redesigned “Find People’ experience and homescreen widget. Google also says that the app now allows you to access photos from posts with just one click.

Here is the full announcement:

New in the mobile app: support for Google+ pages

Today we’re rolling out v3.2 of the Google+ app to Android and iOS; both versions include one of our most highly-requested features: support for Google+ pages. This gives page owners the ability to post, comment, and interact with their followers directly from their mobile device.

– The Android version includes an updated widget, and a new ‘Find People’ experience.
– The iOS version adds iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support, and the ability to edit your posts.

The new app is available now from Google Play ( and the App Store (, so give it a spin and let us know what you think!

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ZabKab Lets You Hail A NYC Yellow Cab With Your Phone


Services like Uber, Taxi Magic, Cabulous, and SideCar are completely disrupting the way we get around our cities. But almost all of them use private services, excluding the city’s public transportation. But a new startup has joined the pack of transportationally gifted companies, and (wait for it) with New York’s infamous yellow cabs. No joke.

It’s called ZabKab.

It works almost identically to Uber, except that the broadcast you send out when you hail a taxi appears on the yellow cab driver’s smartphone or tablet. You tap a button, and then watch all the cabs in your area move on the map in real time. Yellow cabs are available, grey cabs have a passenger.

But the genius here isn’t in the passenger version of the app; it’s in the driver version. To comply with Taxi & Limousine Commission regulation, the driver can not look at the app’s display while moving. Unless the car is at a standstill, the entire display fades to grey (but will cleverly ping if a new hail has popped up in the area).

When the cab isn’t moving, the driver can see anyone who has hailed a fare nearby with pretty excellent accuracy — they can even see which side of the street you’re on.

When a passenger gets in the cab and the driver surpasses 5mph, that passenger’s hail gets removed from the board.

Right now, over 1,000 taxi drivers have downloaded the app, and that number is sure to grow quickly considering that they spend 25 percent of each shift looking for a fare. Plus, cabbies don’t pay FlatIron on a per-use basis, but rather by subscription. The driver gets the ZabKab Driver app free for the first 60 days, and $ 14.95/month after that. A three-month subscription costs $ 12.95/month, while a six-month subscription costs $ 9.95/month.

And all that’s needed to get started is a smartphone or tablet, as the app is available for both in the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store, with plans to launch on BlackBerry and Windows Phone next.

[Image credit: DailyMail]

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