Samsung says half of recalled Note 7s in the US have been exchanged – mostly for new Note 7s

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 In case you were wondering when you’ll stop receiving those “please turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 7” warnings before takeoff, well, we’re halfway there. Samsung announced today that “about half” of the affected phones — they mean to say, the exploding ones — have been exchanged. Read More

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Remember hoverboards? Half a million are being recalled as fire hazards

no-hoverboards1 Hoverboards! The must-have trash gadget of the holidays, now gathering dust in a million closets and garages nationwide, is being recalled in even larger numbers than before due to “a risk of the products smoking, catching fire and/or exploding.” Someone warn Justin Bieber! Read More

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Apple Watch Scooped Up Over Half The Smartwatch Market In 2015

0910_apple-iwatch_2000x1125-1940x1091 Despite a late arrival to the wearables market, Apple claimed the top spot in terms of device sales, according to new research from Juniper out this week, which stated that the Apple Watch accounted for over 50 percent of smartwatch sales in 2015. Even more impressive is the fact Apple’s Watch only launched at the end of April – meaning it claimed the majority of the market… Read More

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Mobile OS Maker Jolla To Cut Half Its Staff, Restructure Its Debt After Funding Stalls

jolla-homescreen-cards-main Finnish alternative mobile OS startup Jolla is facing the situation startups dread the most: running out of financing to keep the business going in the way they’d like. Today the Sailfish OS maker said it is being forced to adjust its operations after failing to close a €10 million ($ 10.6M) Series C round within the required timeframe to keep up with its outgoings. Read More
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