Google’s WaveNet uses neural nets to generate eerily convincing speech and music

artificial intelligence Generating speech from a piece of text is a common and important task undertaken by computers, but it’s pretty rare that the result could be mistaken for ordinary speech. A new technique from researchers at Alphabet’s DeepMind takes a completely different approach, producing speech and even music that sounds eerily like the real thing. Read More

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Artveoli combines algae and microfluidics to generate fresh air indoors

ArtVeoli Artveoli is a biotech startup that’s building an air purifying device that aims to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen in indoor environments by harnessing the photosynthetic properties of algae. The startup is officially launching on stage here at TechCrunch Disrupt New York. Read More

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Watch The New Phorm iPad Mini Case Generate Physical Keys Out Of Thin Air

Phorm iPad Tactus Apple’s touch-based devices have changed the way we interact with computers entirely, but that hasn’t stopped users from occasionally thinking wistfully of the days when physical keyboards ruled the roost. Tactus has taken that desire to heart, and the startup’s first consumer product, the Phorm, is about to bring a tactile experience back to your iPad mini’s… Read More

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