Chip Pro is a $16 computer empowering makers to build IoT gadgets

When placed into the dev board, rapidly prototyping becomes much easier. Say you want to create the next generation of voice recognition-enabled, AI-ensmartened, buzzword-laden gadget. The fist thing you need to do is pick a platform. Arduino isn’t powerful enough. The Raspberry Pi works great for prototyping, but going from Pi to production is a many-step process. Next Thing’s Chip Pro is stepping up to fill the gap with a smart development kit for… Read More

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How far we’ve come: The top 5 retro gadgets from the Vintage Computer Festival

SONY DSC VR in the 90s? Computers with gears? TechCrunch brings you five of the coolest retro gadgets and gizmos from this weekend’s Vintage Computer Festival West XI at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Read More

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3 gadgets not quite ready for prime time

ehang passenger drone If flying cars and personal assistants that live inside your light bulbs sound far-fetched, think again. The high-tech apps and devices that debuted at CES 2016 this year prove we’re living in the future. Let’s look at how these products are set to shape — or reshape — our worlds. Read More

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Meet The Gadgets Vying For The Crunchie For Hardware Of The Year For 2015

crunchies-gadgets-noms On February 8, some of the best and brightest startups, entrepreneurs and investors will pack into San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House for the 9th Annual Crunchies, essentially the Oscars for startups and technology. They’ll be hoping to win a Crunchie award in one of 12 categories up for grabs at this year’s show. Read More

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Today On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Project Tango, iPhone Headphone Jack, Faraday Future And More CES

This week, we’re bringing you not one, not two but three episodes of the TechCrunch Gadgets podcast, live from CES. Every morning, we look back at the news coming out of the show.
In case you missed it this morning, have a look at this morning’s show to get our take on the iPhone headphone jack rumors, Google’s Project Tango coming to your phone, the Faraday Future awkward… Read More

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