Nintendo has sold 2.74M Switches, expects to sell around 10M next year

 Nintendo has sold 2.74 million Switches to date, the first official number released by the company by way of its FY 2016 earnings report, released on Thursday. The total hardware units sold have also led to decent game sales – 5.46 million total across the library, but Zelda: Breath of the Wild looks to be the only real breakout hit for the console with 2.76 million Switch units sold,… Read More

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Analyst Expects iWatch In Two Sizes, 128GB iPhone And iPad Air 2 Reveal Next Week

ipad-air-hand In general, the anticipations of analysts are things you can safely ignore, but a new report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via 9to5Mac) is worth a look, especially given his track record of successfully predicting Apple’s product roadmap – and according to Kuo, there’s a lot in store for us next week at Apple’s special event, including a new iPad.
So far… Read More

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Free Language Learning Service Duolingo Comes To Android, Expects This Will Double Its User Base To Over 6M


Duolingo, the popular free language learning service, just launched its first mobile app for Android in Google’s Play store. Until now, the service was only available on the web and iPhone, but as the company’s founder Luis von Ahn told me earlier this year, the Android version has long been on the roadmap.

For the most part, the Android version will have all of the features of the current iPhone app, but Android users will have to wait a few weeks before they will get to use Duolingo’s recently introduced speech recognition. Thanks to this, the service’s iPhone users can currently go beyond just focusing on reading and writing in a new language and also start speaking. The service then uses speech recognition to check how close the user’s pronunciation is to a native speaker.

On Android, von Ahn tells me, this feature will also launch soon, but it wasn’t included in the current release yet as they are a bit harder to implement and the team decided to focus on getting a polished Android app out as soon as possible. The Android version will also soon allow users to cache about an hour’s worth of lessons for offline use.

The app will, however, feature a number of online-only exercises that were specifically designed to be used with mobile keyboards. Because it’s hard to type on a small mobile keyboard, some exercises allow users to enter answers by tapping on full words instead of having to type them. Of course, the app will also feature all of the standard (and highly effective) Duolingo exercises.

As von Ahn told me earlier this week, the service currently has about 3 million users. He believes that given the popularity of Android in Duolingo’s large target market of Latin America, this new version will help it to double the number of active users very quickly. As he also noted, this is also exactly the market the company is trying to reach and as he told me earlier this year, the service’s users in Latin America tend to use the service more often and for longer than in other regions.

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Samsung Expects Another Record Quarter In Q4: $8.3BN Profit, On Sales Of $53.6BN


Samsung has issued preliminary earnings guidance for Q4 and said its expectation is another record quarter with consolidated profit of around 8.8 trillion Korean won ($ 8.3 billion), on consolidated sales of approximately 56 trillion Korean won ($ 53.6 billion). The Q4 figure compares to 8.06 trillion Korean won in the previous quarter, and 4.66 trillion Korean won in the year ago quarter.

The Korean electronics giant is estimating its full fiscal year 2012 revenues at 201.05 trillion Korean won ($ 189 billion) on consolidated basis, while operating profit for the fiscal year is expected to be 29.01 trillion Korean won ($ 27.2 billion).

Reuters reports Samsung saying it sold close to 500 mobile handsets a minute during its Q4, and noting that demand also picked up for the third party manufacturer side of its business, specifically for the flat screens it makes for mobile devices including for rivals such as Apple.

Despite another record quarter for Samsung in Q4, Reuters notes investor expectations that the company’s run of five straight record quarters could end in Q1 on “weaker seasonal demand” for smartphones — its “biggest earner”. ”Investors are a bit concerned that Samsung’s momentum may slow in the first half,” Reuters quotes Kim Sung-soo, a fund manager at LS Asset Management, commenting. “The smartphone market is unlikely to sustain its strong growth as advanced markets are nearing saturation despite growth in emerging countries.”

Samsung’s preliminary results for Q4 stand in marked contrast to rival Asian mobile maker HTC, which reported unaudited Q4 figures yesterday. HTC said its net income for the quarter was just $ 1 billion Taiwanese dollars ($ 34 million) — a 91 per cent year-on-year drop.

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