TC Droidcast 44: Galaxy S6 Edge And Watches, Watches, Watches

new-droidcast-banner This week, we talk a lot about watches since the first salvo of Apple Watch reviews are out, and we can finally compare it in practical terms to Android Wear. We also discuss the Galaxy S6, which has every sign of being the best Android smartphone available. Our discussion of Android Wear jumps off from Google’s official blog post about the platform today, which seems like a meek response… Read More
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TC Droidcast 43: HTC One M9 And… Facebook?

new-droidcast-banner This week, Chris Velazco joins us to discuss the HTC One M9, which he got to review over at Engadget. The company’s new smartphone looks pretty similar to last year’s model on the outside, but HTC also revamped the camera. I’d argue that this is hardly the time for modest upgrades for HTC, but Chris gives us some insight into what they were thinking. We then leap logically… Read More

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TC Droidcast Episode 41: Our USB-C Fantasy Future

new-droidcast-banner Google has updated its ambitious Chromebook Pixel, with longer all-day battery life and a lower price tag, but the USB-C ports for charging and I/O are what have us most excited on this week’s Droidcast. They lead us into a fantasist discussion of what might come via future use of the tech across smartphones, smartwatches and other devices, and you can join us on this wild ride. The… Read More

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TC Droidcast Episode 40: Samsung Galaxy S6 And HTC’s VR Headset

new-droidcast-banner This week’s Droidcast is all about Mobile World Congress, where HTC unveiled some surprises in addition to the HTC One M9, and Samsung changed up its design strategy with a new take on the Galaxy that replaces boring old plastic with exciting metal and glass. Will the premium look make up for trade-offs in terms of user accessible storage and batteries, and can in-house processors push… Read More

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