That fancy smart gadget you put in your car could let hackers turn off the engine while you drive

 More and more devices, from smart dash cams to head-up displays to Bluetooth-enabled diagnostics dongles, are looking to tap your car’s built-in diagnostic (or OBD-II) port for power and data. The problem: this port… really wasn’t built to be used like that. Read More

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Google Drive can now help you move to Android from iOS

androidphone Getting people to leave behind their iPhones and move to Android is something Google has focused on more heavily in recent months. For example, its new Pixel smartphones ship with a “Quick Switch” adapter that let you easily transfer data between your iPhone and your new Pixel phone. For everyone else, Google has just released a tool that turns Google Drive into a useful utility… Read More
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Watch this autonomous Tesla drive from home to work on its own

tesla-drive-compressor Tesla announced Wednesday evening that all Tesla cars made from now on will have all the hardware they need on board to achieve full self-driving (though autonomous software will rollout later, with a cross-country demo planned for the end of 2017). Tesla’s already doing its own early testing, of course, and the video above shows a vehicle with fully autonomous capabilities navigating… Read More

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Toyota’s VR drive through a Syd Mead-created world is a near-future trip

img_0347 How do you convince a potential car buyer your vehicle is a future-focused choice? One way is to get one of the most iconic creators of cinematic futurescapes to help you build a virtual world that people can drive the car through themselves. Toyota enlisted Syd Mead, the creative visionary behind Blade Runner and Tron‘s vehicles, architecture and more. Mead provided concept art and… Read More

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With one atom per bit, this 1-kilobyte hard drive is only 100 nanometers wide

atomic_storage_feat Here’s an interesting milestone to talk up around the water cooler: Researchers in the Netherlands have created a microscopic storage system that encodes every bit with a single atom — allowing them to fit a kilobyte in a space under 100 nanometers across. Read More

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