HTC has a strange little bundle deal going for its pricey Vive VR headset

 Virtual reality really isn’t good enough yet to justify going broke for. Though VR headset prices are steadily coming down, the fact is it’s still not all that accessible for even the most gadget-obsessed consumers to get started on high-quality VR. Today, HTC, which makes the popular Vive headset, announced a few deals that will help new customers spread out the cost of the… Read More

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Google for Android gets new feature to deal with inconsistent internet connections

google-shop12 As more of the world’s population comes online for the first time, so Google is focusing on making the web and its services more accessible. That means smaller sized apps for budget devices with limited space, and offline support to help deal with intermittent, spotty or weak internet connections. Read More
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Tesla and Panasonic will make solar cells in Buffalo if SolarCity deal succeeds

tesla-powerwall Tesla and Panasonic have agreed to begin production of photovoltaic (PV) cells for use in solar power home installations that works with Tesla’s Powerwall and Powerpack solar storage products. The arrangement is non-binding at this stage, however, and will depend on the Tesla acquisition of SolarCity going through to take effect. If the SolarCity/Tesla deal does close, Panasonic will… Read More

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eero inks $50 million funding deal with Menlo’s Opportunity Fund, plans to sell products at Best Buy

eero Just months after finally shipping its product to consumers, smart wireless routing system eero has pulled in a new $ 50 million in growth funding from Menlo Ventures, as the first investment from the Menlo Opportunity Fund.
Existing investors First Round Capital, Shasta Ventures, Red Point Ventures, and Playground Global also added to this round. Read More

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Drone racing organization IDRA scores broadcast deal with ESPN

IDRA FPVACES 082915 Ever hear of first-person drone racing? If not, you’re in for a treat. This kinetic and exciting sport, or competition, whatever you want to call it, is growing fast and it looks like ESPN wants a piece. The sports network signed a deal with the International Drone Racing Association today that could help bring races to the mainstream. Read More

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