Meet the tiny phone company that’s making modularity sustainable

fairphone-mwc-2017-8 With retro phone brands Nokia and Blackberry remerging at Mobile World Congress this year you’d be forgiven for thinking Mistress Fortune was up to her old wheel-spinning tricks again. And as old tech becomes tech news again, it’s a sign — say some — that smartphone innovation is on the scrap heap. But a commoditized smartphone market offers fresh opportunities if you… Read More

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Verizon buys Skyward, a drone operations company

Treasury Wine Estates' staff operating drones at a vineyard. Forget about Yahoo for a minute. Verizon just announced it has acquired Skyward, a drone operations and management company based out of Portland, Oregon for an undisclosed amount. Verizon says Skyward will help developers and businesses better create and manage drones that also happen to utilize Verizon’s mobile network services and infrastructure. TechCrunch is a property of Aol, a… Read More

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Narrative lifelogging gets a stay of execution as the company considers restarting production

Narrative Clip This was certainly unexpected. For any number of reasons. A day before the planned shutdown of cloud-based storage service, lifelogging startup Narrative — or, rather, a group of former employees – has snatched itself from the jaws of death. In an email sent to Narrative users, the company announced the launch of “New Narrative,” rising like the proverbial phoenix or one… Read More

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Polish 3D printer company Zortrax lied about contract with Dell

cea9a129fe43c8c70d9b03102d1758da,640,0,0,0 Two years ago when the international 3D printing industry was still a much-contended space a small Polish company called Zortrax made waves – and raised capital – on the news that it had signed a contract with Dell for 5,000 3D printers. I reported the news in 2014 and researched the implications more deeply later that year and found little that might concern an investor or fan:… Read More

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Encrypted comms company Silent Circle closes $50M Series C

SilentCircle_Blackphone2_Angle-A Encrypted comms company Silent Circle, which also makes a security-focused Android smartphone called the Blackphone, has announced it’s closed a $ 50 million Series C round of financing, led by Santander Bank. Read More
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