The FAA gets a case study with a drone crash inside an MLB stadium

 PSA: Flying your drone over a baseball stadium with tens of thousands of fans is a really, really bad (and probably illegal) idea. Yesterday someone flew their drone (which appears to be a GoPro Karma) into Petco Park, the stadium belonging to the San Diego Padres, an MLB team. And yes, it was during a game, so of course the event was captured on camera. Read More

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Google reaches $7.8 million settlement in its Android antitrust case in Russia

 Google has reached a settlement with Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) agency in the antitrust case the Russian search rival Yandex had originally filed, claiming Google had violated local competition rules. The case revolved around how Google had required handset makers to pre-load their devices with Google apps and services in order to also gain access the Google Play… Read More
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Pixl is the child-proof smartphone case that masquerades as a camera

541c44a337b355de2bc253f91f83fce0_original As a father I try to remember two things: my biological mission is complete and I am essentially fodder for the grave and my kids will probably destroy my smartphone. That’s why Pixlplay is particularly interesting. The Pixlplay is a smartphone case that looks like a big, bulky camera. You stuff the phone inside – it works with iOS phones for now – and plug a cable into… Read More

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An Amazon Echo may be the key to solving a murder case

amazon-echo Internet-connected devices may start helping in criminal cases. As first reported in The Information, police in Bentonville, Arkansas have issued a warrant to Amazon, asking the company to hand over data from an Echo device to help prosecute a suspected murderer.
James Andrew Bates, the suspect in the case, was charged with first-degree murder in November of 2015 after authorities… Read More

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Mophie’s charging case is a no-brainer for wireless earbud owners

img_9880 Being synonymous with a particular product category is a mixed blessing. Mophie is undoubtedly the best known name in the battery case business, but the company has been keen to distance itself from the space a bit – or at the very least, let it be known that it’s got more to offer the world. Mophie released a whole bunch of new power banks a few weeks back. Necessary, sure,… Read More

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