Rapidshare bull shit crap scam review

Okay, I’ve got this email from rapidshare few hours ago. Dear rapidshare, please put your shit together and stop making these huge crappy changes every now and then.
Few days ago its unlimited space for free users with download caps. Now 5GB ??? And if we want to keep our files, we have to pay for their already crappy service ??? This guys are crazy !!! I mean TOTALLY !!!
Oh for god’s sake !!!


Dear user,

your account 12345678 exceeded the set storage space limit. Your used storage space is: 5 GB.
To make sure your files don’t get lost, we recommend you extend your storage space.

Our storage space offers are:
Free user: up to 5 GB
RapidPro: 250 GB
RapidPro: 500 GB
RapidPro: more than 500 GB – please contact the support

You can purchase the appropriate RapidPro offer or reduce the storage space by deleting files from your account. If you don’t do it, we will delete some of your files until you are back within your storage space limit. Files will be deleted on the 08.04.2013.

Further information including which files will be deleted you can find in the FAQs and directly from the support. You can purchase RapidPro by logging into your account on the website, clicking on “RapidPro” and selecting “Buy RapidPro”.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.
Please note that unfortunately we only offer customer support in English and German at the moment.

Your RapidShare team


Rapidshare AG
Schochenmühlestrasse 6
6340 Baar
Tel +41 41 748 78 80
[email protected]

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