Motorola And Intel May (Officially) Reveal Medfield-Powered Smartphone On 9/18


Motorola and Intel have been in cahoots since this past January, but so far their relationship hasn’t yielded any new gadgets to lust after. That should all change very shortly though, as the two companies have been busy sending out invitations to a big September 18 press event in London this morning.

As for what the two companies plan to share, well, that’s still tough to discern. The (frustratingly vague) invitation urges us members of the tech press to let them take us “to the edge” — should one succumb to the urge to read too much into things, it’s possible that the line is a not-so-sly reference to a smartphone or tablet design with an edge-to-edge display.

There is also the matter of that striking Medfield-powered smartphone design that first started making the rounds back in February — Motorola may finally be planning to push that little guy (or some variant thereof) into the market. Considering that Motorola and Intel told us to expect a Medfield device launch in 2012, this is likely our winner.

It’s worth noting that the newly-leaked Droid RAZR M for Verizon bears a striking resemblance to that early render though, so it wouldn’t be a shock to see an Intel-powered smartphone with a slightly different look to help differentiate it.

Even though other Intel-powered Android devices have beaten Motorola to market — there’s the oddly-named (and India-exclusive) Lava XOLO X900 for one — Motorola’s is the biggest hardware name attached to the chipset maker right now. Whatever those crazy kids end up unveiling is going to be worth paying attention to, although I imagine some people will still be too wrapped up in whatever Apple announces the week before that to care much.

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