iPad (4th Gen) Outruns The iPhone 5 In An Early Benchmark, Listed With 1.4GHz Dual-Core CPU, 1GB Of RAM


The new new iPad hits stores Friday, but an early Geekbench benchmark reveals some interesting details. Apparently, at least per this one-off report, the 4th generation iPad uses a dual-core ARMv7 CPU with 1GB of RAM. Not surprisingly, this results in benchmark scores better than those earned by the iPhone 5.

The iPad (4th gen) and iPhone 5 seem to share the same amount of RAM; the CPU configuration is slightly different between Apple’s two flagship devices. The iPhone 5 uses an ARMv6 CPU running at 1.3GHz, which is better suited for a smartphone-type device. Although it’s not clear at this point which ARMv7 is inside the iPad (4th gen), the benchmarks speak for themselves: it’s more powerful.

The latest iPad thoroughly trumps the previously called New iPad, which runs a dual-core A5X running at 1GHz. The 3rd generation iPad scored 791 in Geekbench where the 4th generation earned a 1757, besting the iPhone 5′s 1571 score. Since the iPad mini uses a dual-core A5 of unknown clock speed, its score will likely be around that of the 3rd generation iPad.

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