Budget Virtual Private Servers (OpenVZ VPS)

Semi-Managed Budget Virtual Private Servers.

Clustered reliability meets entry-level web hosting.
Receive emails, host sites or use for backups.
Accessible from anywhere or anytime.

VPS Package 1 – Rs. 3,000/= (30US$) per 3 month

RAM: 1 GB Dedicated Memory (850MB SWAP)
HD: 50 GB Hard Drive Space
BW: 2000 GB Transfer Per Month
IP: 1 Public IP Address

VPS Package 2 – Rs. 3,000/= (30US$) per 2 month

RAM: 2 GB Dedicated Memory
HD: 100 GB Hard Drive Space
BW: 3000 GB Transfer Per Month
IP: 2 Public IP Address

VPS Package 3 – Rs. 3,000/= (30US$) per 1 month

RAM: 4 GB Dedicated Memory
HD: 150 GB Hard Drive Space
BW: 4000 GB Transfer Per Month
IP: 2 Public IP Address


Currently available Operating Systems:

OS List

NSTNet virtual private servers have enterprise-class resilience with multi-layered security. Our servers are an excellent choice for the experienced admin or hobbyist looking for a powerful VPS without the need to spend hunderds of dollars. You will have complete control over your VPS with full root access via SSH along with your own dedicated IPv4 address, and a vps control panel for reboots, reinstalls and more..
The Guaranteed Memory, Hard Disk, and Bandwidth are dedicated resources for your Virtual Server. Purchase the amount of resources you think your application requires knowing you can always add more resources with no service outages.

Install anything you want, On demand! Implement your own applications like, WordPress, mail exchange, phpBB, Joomla, Magento, and many other mainstream applications. Install and run virtually anything on the server.


Speed test one of our server @ http://goo.gl/7wZSD

More information / ordering your server @ http://goo.gl/sSRsC

VPS Terms of Service / AUP : http://goo.gl/idCbj 

Note: If you are planning to run mission critical applications, you may consider our high priced VPS/Dedicated solutions @ http://goo.gl/ov5ML

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