Google’s Fast Pair feature starts arriving on non-Pixel Android phones

 In the avalanche of news that was Google’s Pixel 2 event last month, the company kind of glossed over the Fast Pair feature. Understandably so — it had a lot to get through at the event. And besides, it was far from the coolest thing about the company’s new Pixel Buds headphones (that title goes to the Babelfish-esque real-time translation feature). The feature is similar to… Read More
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Apple releases iOS 11.1 with shiny new emojis

 New emojis. Do you need to hear anything else? Apple just released an iOS update. iOS 11.1 is the first feature update for iOS 11. It adds a couple of new things, starting with dozens of new emojis. Apple already previewed some of the new emojis, but they are now available to everyone. It includes mythical creatures, such as wizards, fairies, mermaids and vampires. There are some new… Read More

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The MSI Trident 3 Arctic packs crazy gaming power into a tiny case

 Here’s the skinny: This computer is skinny. The MSI Trident 3 Arctic is a gaming rig in a surprisingly small package. During testing the found the computer capable of running the latest VR hardware and games even though the tiny computer lacks the traditional cooling found on standard cases. The MSI Trident 3 Arctic is a gaming console killer. Specs: Windows Home 10 Intel Core… Read More

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Square announces the Register, a $999 point-of-sale device for larger businesses

Square Register Square is expanding its hardware lineup with a new point-of-sale device called the Square Register. Square’s Head of Software Jesse Dorogusker explained that while the company’s existing products incorporate existing hardware (the Square Stand, for example, turns an iPad into a POS stand), the Square Register is “totally integrated — our hardware, our software, all in… Read More

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