OneBlade strips shaving down to the bare minimum

img_5925 Ever since Warby Parker gave fancy accoutrements the old ecommerce treatment everyone from bag manufacturers to watchmakers have gone high tech. This is especially true in the realm of shaving where you can either pay a dollar for a razor or $ 299 for a razor that looks like it was handcrafted by Elvish silversmiths. The OneBlade is basically a fancy single-blade razor designed like one of… Read More

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Piccolissimo joins the ranks of ultra-tiny flying robots

6h0a3703_1 Big robots like Spot may be great for carrying things or trotting out onto stages, but just as much sophisticated engineering goes into creating tiny ones as well — and this little flyer from the University of Pennsylvania is one the tiniest yet. Read More

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Doorman cancels unlimited deliveries, cites “losing money”

doorman-install If you live in a building with a doorman, you don’t need Doorman. If you don’t, you do. The company is making it easy to accept deliveries when you’re out and about, but realized it was getting so successful in changing the patterns of how its customers do online shopping, that it was effectively losing money on each customer. Read More

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Google gets better at flagging apps trying to fake their way into the Play Store’s top charts

google-play Google today announced it’s rolling out a new detection and filtering system on the Play Store to crack down on those developers who use illegitimate means to boost their apps’ rankings in the store’s top charts. This will affect apps that use methods like fraudulent installs, fake reviews, and incentivized ratings, the company noted. While Google already had technology it… Read More
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Narrative lifelogging gets a stay of execution as the company considers restarting production

Narrative Clip This was certainly unexpected. For any number of reasons. A day before the planned shutdown of cloud-based storage service, lifelogging startup Narrative — or, rather, a group of former employees – has snatched itself from the jaws of death. In an email sent to Narrative users, the company announced the launch of “New Narrative,” rising like the proverbial phoenix or one… Read More

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