Android will now send push notifications when new devices are added to your account

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 1.48.42 PM Google today rolled out a new feature for Android users designed to keep their accounts more secure: notifications about newly added devices. That is, when a new device is added to your Google account, you’ll receive a push notification on your current Android device about the security event. The notification will ask, “Did you just sign in?” If the activity appears… Read More
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Sioeye Iris4G is an action camera with built-in cell service for live streaming

SioeyeBlink2 I get the chance to test out quite a bit of first-generation consumer gadgets. And while a few are great, the majority just aren’t able to meet the high threshold of quality that Apple has (for better or worse) subconsciously instilled in all of us.
So it’s always a nice surprise to find a hardware startup that can build a product that just looks good and does what it… Read More

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Lumo Run’s new jogging sensor launches today – here’s how it stacks up

FullSizeRender (12) TechCrunch first caught wind of Lumo’s smart pants with the running sensor last October. It was a breakout product from its posture trainer Lumo Lift and a first step into both connected garments and the running industry. You can check out our video review with Lumo co-founder Monisha Perkash here. Lumo’s pants needed the sensor to go in a special pocket to work when we last caught… Read More

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BlackBerry’s security-focused Android identity crisis

BlackBerry DTEK50 Consider BlackBerry. Think about the company, its products, its most iconic features. What comes to mind? Business apps? A QWERTY keyboard? BBM? The once-mighty Canadian smartphone maker is banking on one word standing above all the rest: security. You see, BBM is no longer solely the realm of BlackBerry devices, and the keyboard hasn’t been ubiquitous since the company belatedly… Read More

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