Moovit expands accessibility features for blind users

Vienna Subway Blind It’s easy to get caught up in the new, cool thing aspect of transportation tech and apps, but there’s some real social benefit and freedom to be found here. Take, for instance, Moovit’s latest upgrade. The public transportation app recently added features to make it easier for blind users to take transit using VoiceOver (iOS) and TalkBack (Android) integration. The app… Read More
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Why the Oculus Rift won’t go the way of Google Glass

image1 On a recent episode of our podcast we spoke about the VR industry with Matt Hartman, director of seed investments at Betaworks. When evaluating VR companies, Hartman looks for whether the company is delivering a “10X experience.” Ultimately, can you deliver 10 times the value of comparable offerings with your solution? For VR companies, the vision of their given solution may not… Read More

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AnkerBox launches charging-as-a-service

AnkerBox_Cafe Screen sizes on smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, but battery tech is lagging behind. As a heavy user of your smartphone, you’ll know that dreaded feeling of your battery marching towards extinction. The most common solution to the problem is to carry a charger or a USB battery pack, but both have downsides — AnkerBox is here to try make life a little bit easier when… Read More

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