Meet Musio, A Robot That Talks Back

Musio AI Robot Natural language and machine learning company AKA says it’s taking the next step toward the creation of a robot that you really, truly talk to with a new project called Musio. Members of the AKA team demonstrated a prototype for me last week. As you can see in the video, Musio should be able to carry on a normal conversation, complete with bad jokes and (thanks to Bluetooth connections… Read More

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I/O Spotlights Google’s Machine Learning Smarts

IMG_0485 Few will argue that this year’s I/O keynote was Google’s flashiest yet. If you were expecting people to jump out of blimps to bring you a new version of Google Glass, the event surely left you disappointed. Instead, Google used its relatively low-key keynote to announce an evolutionary update to its mobile operating system, a new effort to bring Android to the Internet of Things… Read More
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