Taptic Component Bottleneck Blamed In Part For Apple Watch Supply Shortage

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.27.34 PM The Apple Watch is rolling out to customers, but it’s taking longer to get into user hands than some might like. A new report out today by The Wall Street Journal puts the blame for the slow rollout primarily on a shortage of Apple Watch Taptic Engine components, caused by issues found in the parts supplied by one supplier in particular. The WSJ author who penned the piece clarified… Read More

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Microsoft Makes It Easier For Developers To Bring Their Android And iOS Apps To Windows 10

2I8A9523 Today, as expected, Microsoft announced that developers will be able to more easily bring their Android applications to Windows devices. Developers, Microsoft said, will be able to “reuse nearly all the Java and C++ code from an Android phone app to create apps for phones running Windows 10.” Developers will also be able to recycle their Objective-C apps for iOS using new tools… Read More
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Apple Beats In Q2 2015 With $58B Revenue, $13.6B Profit And $2.33 EPS

apple-earnings-green Apple has just released its fiscal Q2 2015 earnings, reporting $ 58 billion in revenue, $ 13.6 billion in net profit representing $ 2.33 per share. Compared to the year-ago quarter, it corresponds to a growth of 27.2 percent in revenue, and an impressive 40.4 percent jump in EPS (adjusted for the 7-for-1 split). Expectations were pretty high following Apple’s blockbuster quarter three… Read More

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Apple’s 61M iPhone Sales Lead Q2 2015 Hardware Performance

iphone-6-6-plus-5s-side Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus continue their hit parade, building on a massive first quarter of 2015 with a very strong second quarter total of 61.2 million handsets sold. This isn’t an all-time quarterly record, but it’s normal to see a slight decrease quarter-over-quarter coming out of a launch sales period, and this is a huge increase year-over-year compared to the 43.7… Read More

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