LG G3 Review: Ultra-thin Bezels And A Quad HD Display Brings A New King

LG G3 The last LG phone I owned was the LG Shine in 2008 and I never thought I would want an LG phone after that. Since then I’ve owned mostly Samsung devices, but after using LG’s new flagship phone for about a week, I’m ready to switch back. Read More
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The NFL Gets Quantified Intelligence, Courtesy Of Shoulder Pad-Mounted Motion Trackers

Seperation The NFL is making a move to integrate RFID-based activity-tracking tech to give fans, coaches and players more information about what exactly athletes go through during each game. The Zebra Technologies tracker systems will mount to player shoulder pads and communicate with receivers installed in 17 stadiums during the 2014 season. They will provide information about each player’s… Read More

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Runtastic’s $120 Orbit Fitness Tracker Prizes Function And Features Over Fashion

IMG_9997 1 Runtastic is doing the reverse of what many startups are doing these days: it’s going from being a software platform provider to becoming a hardware maker with the Runtastic Orbit fitness tracker. The Orbit is similar in concept and execution to the various trackers from Fitbit, Jawbone and Nike already available, but with a number of features designed to set it apart from the competition. Read More

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The Vocca Light Switch Is A Modern-Day Clapper

Screenshot 2014-07-30 12.13.27 Smart bulbs, like the ones that come with the Philips Hue lighting system, are pretty cool… until you realize that physically flipping the switch is sometimes faster than unlocking your phone, opening the right app, and controlling the light through your mobile device.
But what if you could achieve the same connectivity-based cool factor with the speed and ease of simply flipping a switch? Read More

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Xiaomi’s One More Thing

lei-jobs (1) The young electronics company Xiaomi is exploding in China and seems posed to take over the world. In the four short years since its founding, Xiaomi has become the electronics brand to watch in the most populous nation on earth. Xiaomi is the now the real deal — thanks in part to its unabashed appropriation of design cues from companies like Apple. Read More

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