Google’s Principal Designer For Search And Maps Explains Material Design

materialdesign-goals-cutrectangles_large_xhdpi Google’s design work was center stage at I/O this year, from the keynote through sessions and things being demoed on the show floor. The changes run across Google’s range of devices and platforms, and embrace a new set of design principals grouped under the central concept of ‘Material Design.’ Design Evolved I spoke to Jon Wiley, Principal Designer of Search and Maps… Read More
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Android TV First Look Video And Hands On Impressions

IMG_0161 Android TV is one of the myriad new things that Google announced this year at I/O, and the platform is very different from Google’s previous effort with Google TV, a project announced in 2010 and updated continually since but that still hasn’t managed to become a significant part of Google’s lineup. Google is looking to change all that with Android TV. It’s a brand… Read More
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Android Wear Wars: The Moto 360, LG G Watch And Samsung Gear Live Compared

android-wear-hero The first Android Wear smartwatches aren’t yet available to consumers (though two start shipping July 7), but already we’ve managed to enjoy some time with each of the new devices, and while we can’t speak to things like battery life and durability over time, we can share impressions on the relative merits of each so far. Is the Moto 360, the LG G Watch, or the Samsung Gear… Read More

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