This Oculus Rift Project Brings You One Small Step Closer To That Hoverboard You’ve Always Wanted

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 10.40.32 AM The bad news: Yeah, that clearly fake Hoverboard video from a few months ago is still, sadly, quite fake.
The worse news: Unless we figure out a quick and easy way to defy a few laws of physics, we probably won’t see anything like that come to reality anytime soon.
Reality? Pft. Who needs real reality when we’ve got virtual reality? Read More

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Samsung Starts Updating The Galaxy Gear To Tizen To Give It Better Battery Life And More

galaxy-gear The new Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch closely resembles its predecessor, the Galaxy Gear, and in fact most users might not be aware from its UI that it’s actually running a different OS than the older gadget – Tizen, vs. Android. Samsung previously revealed that it would be bringing Tizen to the older Gear, too, and today it has begun that rollout (via SamMobile), offering old… Read More

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Twitter’s Crashlytics Launches Cross-Platform App Beta Testing Service

Back in February, Crashlytics announced its first product since being acquired by Twitter. That product was an app beta testing platform that would allow developers to distribute test apps to users to get feedback and suss out bugs. Read More
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Gillmor Gang: Action Items

Gillmor Gang Artcard The Gillmor Gang — Dan Farber, Kevin Marks, Semil Shah, Danny Sullivan, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor — played the latest favorite game of the Mobility Addicted. It’s called Lock Screen, and some of us think it’s where the early adopters meet the great unvarnished Silent Majority. Forget clicks or swipes or doing anything; it’s all about glancing. What this means is that social scientists… Read More
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Nike Says The FuelBand Isn’t Dead, New Color Options Coming

fuelbandpink Nike was said to be shutting down its FuelBand department on the heels of layoffs on Friday, signalling a significant exit of the wearable fitness device market by one of the more prominent companies involved in the space. That’s not quite true, however, according to information provided to Re/code by the company. Read More

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